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One of our most popular options is a direct sale. No matter why you want to sell your Greater DFW house, we are ready to purchase it now! With a direct sale, you will avoid fees, commissions, and closing costs. Plus, we can close in only 14 days! 

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No Realtor fees, no costly repairs, close quickly when you want.

We can help you with any situation including: FORECLOSURE. We can stop the banks in their tracks with a fast and fair sale! A house in need of repair. We will purchase as-is. Saving you time and money! DIVORCE. A fast sale will make a stressful situation more manageable. A BAD INHERITANCE. We have worked with many people who found themselves responsible for a property they never really wanted. We can help you sell without having to pay a dime! AN URGENT NEED TO MOVE. Whether it is for family reasons, work, or another opportunity, you don’t have to let the MLS dictate when you can move on with your life! A VACANT PROPERTY. Because we buy as-is, we are happy to help with properties that have become run-down due to neglect. Downsizing or upgrading. Sometimes the house you bought 20 years ago, isn’t the house you need today! WE CAN HELP!


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